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Welcome to Suncity Synthetics Ltd.
Our Mission :
Quality & Customer Satisfaction

To emerge as a world-class, multi-product, eco-friendly global company through technological development, innovation & customer satisfaction and thereby to contribute to the welfare of society.

We Manufacture & Export :

Polyester Staple Fibres

Nylon Fibers

Nylon Construction Fibers

Nylon/Polyester Braided/Twisted Ropes

Reprocessed Nylon Chips

 Polyester Staple Fibres  Nylon Fibers Nylon Construction Fibers

We manufacture High Tenacity Polyester Staple Fibres White and offiwhite and in Z black color . Our Deneir range is 1.2 to 35 Den solid fibres available in cut lenghts of 22,38,44,51,64,88 and 102 mm. Also We manufacture Hollow fibres of 6den and 15 den Siliconised and Non siliconised and in Conjugate Texture with Silicon.We also make colored fibers on .

We make following den of Solid Nylon Fibers . 1.5 , 2.5,3.0, 6.0,15.0 and 35 den in cut lengths of  44,51,64,88,102 mm with Tenacity of 5.5 . We also make Triollable Nylon fibre in 2.8 den and 7.0 den.




We make Nylon Construction Fiber  ( 15 mm to 20 mm)  is having good disperse quality. 
 Reprocessed Nylon Chips  Polyamide6 Flock Tow Fiber Nylon /Polyester Braided Ropes

We offer very high quality recycled / reprocessed Nylon Chips in Milky white and also Natural Color.

High Tenacity Polyamide6 Flock Tow Fiber ( For Flock powder 2.5 den Triollable )
Nylon /Polyester Braided Ropes ( 6 mm to 18 mm )
Nylon / Polyester Twisted Ropes        
Nylon / Polyester  Twisted Ropes ( 6 mm to 18 mm )



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